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b. benten is the online shop for high quality handmade ceramics and houseware items from Japan rooted in tradition for everyday use. Our mission is to introduce Japan's master artisans to the world by offering their limited work and covering fascinating stories of craftsmanship.




  Photos by  Tsuchiya Kaban

 Photos by Tsuchiya Kaban


As strange as it sounds, the glass craftsmen of Sugahara believe that glass is alive, and they can converse with glass.  As one of the glass makers at Sugahara describes, "while glass is in a red hot glowing liquid form, there is a moment that the glass becomes most beautiful", and they do not miss that moment to blown into an object. 

The craftsmen listen to the 'voice' of glass carefully and bring out the smoothest surface and distinctive shine.  

You will notice the difference when you and your guests hold their products in hand. 

It is why Sugahara believes in handmade.  

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