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b. benten is the online shop for high quality handmade ceramics and houseware items from Japan rooted in tradition for everyday use. Our mission is to introduce Japan's master artisans to the world by offering their limited work and covering fascinating stories of craftsmanship.

Nozomu Shinohara

Nozomu Shinohara



Nozomu Shinohara was born in Osaka and relocated to Shigaraki to make pottery at his young age.  He is an apprentice of Nobuo Furutani, the master artisan of Shigaraki Kohiki ware.  He learned everything from clay preparation to wood-chopping from Furutani, and threw pots on potter’s wheel at night for practice.

He became independent in 1999, and his works have been exhibited at various galleries and events including Avant-garde Tea Ceremony Even in New York.  He also obtained his own ancient type of pottery kiln called “Anagama”, and produces Shigaraki wares by using a quenching technique called Yakishime without any glaze.      


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