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Up your coffee game

Maya Nakamura

I just returned from India.  I almost feel like Julia Roberts in Eat Pray and Love, as I roamed around beautiful Ashrams and temples in barefoot, rediscovering the meaning of silence.  But I am slightly glad to be back to the world where stray cows and dusty roads are not normal.   

Aside from many precious experience I had in India, my traveling partner was on a mission to find Starbucks towards the end of the trip, and started to viciously demand a rickshaw driver to take her to one.  Poor guy had no idea what Starbucks even was, and offered to stop by at a local coffee shop instead.  Even though Starbucks exist In South India, it is mainly for tourists, and the locals enjoy their filter coffee and masala chai, which I'd much preferred.

masala chai spices

masala chai spices

I was slightly embarrassed and horrified by my friend's behavior.  At the same time, we had been in India for 4 days at that point, so I suppose she was craving was the taste of civilization and not necessarily the Starbucks itself.   As I watched my friend spell "S!"  "T!"  "A!" like a cheerleader for the driver, I started to get into deep(?) thoughts about coffee.  

Coffee lovers are everywhere in the world, and they always seem to have their favorite beans, equipment/accessories, and brewing methods.  Some say McDonald's got great coffee.  Some swear by the coffee picked out of animal's poop (I believe it is called civet or Kopi Luwak).  No judgement.  We all have preference.

But what I have been noticing is that people are getting more and more serious about their coffee.  I'm starting to see less of those electric coffee makers and people enjoy making coffee manually even at home.   

I think people here in Japan take their coffee serious..  Not to mention Hario and Kalita, people are not kidding around with their coffee here.  

So I thought I would introduce you to some of the great items for coffee today.  

Coffee scoop by Mitsuhiro Konishi  $60  

Coffee scoop by Mitsuhiro Konishi  $60

Brass Drip Pot by Masami Mizuno $770  (MADE TO ORDER)

Brass Drip Pot by Masami Mizuno $770

Ceramic Coffee Pot + Dripper Set by Takeshi Omura (MADE TO ORDER)

Ceramic Coffee Pot + Dripper Set by Takeshi Omura

Metal coffee dripper by Dai Inagaki  $200 (MADE TO ORDER)

Metal coffee dripper by Dai Inagaki  $200

I am not the  biggest caffeine addict, but I sure love these beautiful items.  

So how strong is YOUR coffee brewing game?