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b. benten is the online shop for high quality handmade ceramics and houseware items from Japan rooted in tradition for everyday use. Our mission is to introduce Japan's master artisans to the world by offering their limited work and covering fascinating stories of craftsmanship.

Grand Opening May 2016


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Grand Opening May 2016

Maya Nakamura

bud vase by  Akio Nukaga

bud vase by Akio Nukaga

Hi!  I'm b. benten.  I am so excited to announce the launch of b. benten, the online shop for the artisan made wares and everyday tools from Japan.  If you are passionate about pottery, design, art, food, travel, you came tot the right place.  

The shop is still under construction, but we are starting to take pre-orders May 11.  We will be constantly (and frantically) adding new items, so please check back in with us frequently.   

b. benten is about the works of art that you can use every day.  And that's why we want to offer exquisitely crafted goods for the home.  If you are a true coffee lover, we understand how important it is to celebrate your caffeine moments with that perfect brewing device and vessel.  They have to look beautiful but they also have to function well.  If you love to cook, I bet you have a few favorite kitchen items that make you feel like a Michelin star chef...  and you have to present what you cooked with the perfect plates or bowls.   b. benten embraces those small but significant moments in everyday life.   b. benten lives for those priceless moments.  

Sure we all love the practicality of Ikea and Flying Tiger too, but there is something so special about the handcrafted items.  Some of them may cost more than what you were hoping, but when daily life objects are toiled over, you treat them with care, and it helps change the perception of common tools - its use and its value.    

conical beaker bottle by Koizumi Glass

conical beaker bottle by Koizumi Glass

The work produced in Japan has a worldwide reputation for technical precision, material obsession, and thousands of year of careful refinement.  Not to mention "Chef's Table",  "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" or "Anthony Bourdain's Japanese adventure" (If you haven't seen these, please do), it is absolutely impressive to see the dedication, knowledge and pride in the chef's work.  It is the same level of dedication and pride these artists and artisans of the items at our shop have.  

Their craftsmanship and spirit are just incredible.

I felt that it has been nearly impossible to purchase these master work if you don't speak Japanese, or live in Japan.  So I decided to chase them everywhere in Japan to attend all their private exhibitions, so we can make the items available to everyone in the world.

We absolutely love the design and the quality of every single items we selected (needless to say), and hope you will too.